Golden Monkey

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Golden Monkey


Golden Monkey 

Belgian-Style Tripel

Experience the sweet, sensual aromas and flavors of our famous Belgian-style tripel. Immerse yourself in rich notes of fruit and spice and savor its dry finish.

…And at 9.5%, let’s be real. We’ve all got a Golden Monkey story! Check out some of our favorites from last year’s #MonkeyTales contest.


Malt: Pilsner, Dextrose

Hops: Tettnang Tettnang, Tettnang Mittelfrueh

ABV: 9.5%


Nose is loaded with Belgian yeast character. Banana, clove, isoamyl. Body is equally fruity with light earthy hop character. Boozy with a dry finish.

Food Pairings

Sheeps' milk cheeses and seafood

Serving Suggestion

Serve at 45° F. Tilt bottle slowly into glass making certain that pour is sufficiently vigorous to raise a foamy head. Try to avoid pouring the last dregs as the yeast sediment is not the most favorable part of this beer. Savor the experience slowly as the ale warms.

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